The 4th Mission

This is my first long comic ever. It’s about 4 kids who go to a school camp, and in their hiking, get lost and find themselves fighting against a giant snake. That’s when they discover they have powers and have to use them to protect their city from the monsters that start appearing one by… Continue reading The 4th Mission

At Falegh’s Kingdom

Akai is a little witch that has suffered from a severe case of “bad luck” all her life. Her spells never work out, she trips, gets lost, gets hurt, her relationships are a disaster and is mocked by family and classmates alike. Her only friend is a goblin from a neighbor kingdom, and he encourages… Continue reading At Falegh’s Kingdom

Silver Hunter Miriah

Miriah is a girl from a different world. In order to save her village, she has to find silver in order to appease the rage of the Moon Goddess, who is causing all kinds of disasters. However, there is no longer silver in her world and has to travel to ours, to take some with… Continue reading Silver Hunter Miriah

The Sandhal Island

A boy whose father disappeared on a journey, starts having a recurring dream in which various objects and images appear, telling him to find them. He feels this is a clue into finding his father’s whereabouts and embarks on a journey to search for these mysterious visions along with his companions. Fantasy | Adventure

To the TOP

At school everyone has to form teams to go camping and compete on a rally. However there’s always the group of rejects who have no choice but to team up. This team of misfits is lead by Hannah, an overbearing girl who only thinks of success and likes bossing everyone around, followed by Luke, a… Continue reading To the TOP

Lost in Paradise

He is a cheerful, friendly boy. He’s on a road trip with his family and everything is going well, until an accident happens. His parents die and he is stranded in an unknown place, in the middle of nowhere. His phone has no signal, there are no cars passing by, not a single soul at… Continue reading Lost in Paradise

Sabbatical Year

A group of kids from different backgrounds and different schools. They just graduated High School but don’t know what to do next. They are not aware of their own talents or what they even enjoy doing. Deciding one’s future is a big step and not everyone is ready to assume that responsibility so soon. However,… Continue reading Sabbatical Year

Crystal Chains

This is an idea I have for a videogame. Faust is a young monk. After an attack from dark forces destroying his village, he finds himself able to fight with the power of his faith. Then, a voice tells him to find the other six, and a crystal polyhedron appears before him. That is the… Continue reading Crystal Chains

Sienna Skies

Blake is an orphan boy living with his relatives. His town is in the middle of a rocky desert, that is separated from other towns by a huge canyon filled with tall pointy boulders. The water is scarce and very expensive, and every year, there is a plane competition in which the winner town gets… Continue reading Sienna Skies