The Prophecy of the 6 Elements

A roleplay story from Middle School. 6 kids have been chosen to save the world and are given the power of 6 elements: fire, water, air, earth, electricity and time. They all attend a luxurious boarding school in which they start dealing with mysterious dangers and learning to use their powers to save their fellow… Continue reading The Prophecy of the 6 Elements

Silver Hunter Miriah

Miriah is a girl from a different world. In order to save her village, she has to find silver in order to appease the rage of the Moon Goddess, who is causing all kinds of disasters. However, there is no longer silver in her world and has to travel to ours, to take some with… Continue reading Silver Hunter Miriah

The Bandits

A girl is fed up with being taken advantage of and decides to become a bandit. That’s when she joins a bandit club and meets with a bunch of weird kids trying to do evil deeds but failing at them. Comedy | Slice-of-life

Angel’s Forest

A boy arrives at his relative’s mansion only to find there are seven strangers living in it. As he has no choice but to live there as well, he starts knowing them and little by little, he finds out all of them are angels in disguise, taking human shape to fulfill an important mission. Fantasy… Continue reading Angel’s Forest

A.I. Shounen

Choko was a genius student who enjoyed collecting robot parts to build her own Cyberboys and use them as servants and to sell them to other people. One day she finds an abandoned Cyberboy in a junkyard and takes him home to fix him up. However, after cleaning him up with a wet towel, the… Continue reading A.I. Shounen

To the TOP

At school everyone has to form teams to go camping and compete on a rally. However there’s always the group of rejects who have no choice but to team up. This team of misfits is lead by Hannah, an overbearing girl who only thinks of success and likes bossing everyone around, followed by Luke, a… Continue reading To the TOP

The Diary of Clément Pascal

Clément Pascal is a 14 year old boy who travels from France to Mexico, as the companion and helper of his father, who is a doctor researching endemic medicinal plants. He arrives at a very rural town, where he meets 2 siblings around his age. He becomes friends with them, but problems arise when he… Continue reading The Diary of Clément Pascal