Stray Lights

Ivanna feels trapped in her boarding school, and being a rebellious girl by nature, she feels the urge to escape that place and go somewhere she really belongs. That’s how she makes it to a nearby town and meets a street boy with a white dog she immediately feels attached with. As she won’t go… Continue reading Stray Lights

Farmint’s Journey

Farmint is a fairy boy living in a fairy land. They live happily in their community, facing everyday struggles and funny moments, until a witch appears and captures Farmint to use him in her potions. However, his beauty enraptures her and decides to keep him as a pet. Farmint is scared and tries to free… Continue reading Farmint’s Journey

Windborne Shadows

5 boys try to escape from a correctional due to abuse and terrible conditions. However, they are all street kids who have no family to return to. From imprisonment to freedom, this story tells the journey of a group of teenagers finding themselves and their future paths. Drama

The Promised Land

It’s the future. Humans have fled our planet to live in space colonies. However, during centuries, scientists experimented with human genetics, modifying it with animal DNA in order to create humanoids who could adapt to the new environmental conditions. Polluted water, radiation, extreme weather, etc. made it impossible for humans to continue living here, however,… Continue reading The Promised Land

Lost in Paradise

He is a cheerful, friendly boy. He’s on a road trip with his family and everything is going well, until an accident happens. His parents die and he is stranded in an unknown place, in the middle of nowhere. His phone has no signal, there are no cars passing by, not a single soul at… Continue reading Lost in Paradise

The Dreamer

A man whose dreams are more vivid than his own life. Little by little he begins gaining conscience inside his own dreams, until the point in which he starts losing notion of what’s real and what is not. Are his dreams actually what’s real? Is his reality nothing but a dream? Drama | Psychological


This was originally a prose short story for school. It’s about 2 boys waiting in line outside the school chairman’s office. Both are troublesome kids in their own way. One is a lonesome, rebellious boy with a difficult character. The second is a cheerful short boy who’s a victim of bullying. Both are outcasts, and… Continue reading Color

A Reincarnation Tale

Four different animals died and have been granted with the opportunity to become humans to learn about emotions. A caged bird becomes a sheltered girl, a wolf becomes an outlaw, a horse becomes a prostitute and a dog becomes a servant. All of them have shared a bond ever since their days as animals, and… Continue reading A Reincarnation Tale

Color of November

A story based on my father and his friends’ memories. This is a slice-of-life story with supernatural elements, in which Tobias moves to a new town and meets 3 other boys that have their own struggles. Dante, is a loner who is always reading about supernatural and esoteric books. Salvador is very poor but is… Continue reading Color of November

The Tlacuilo and Me

This is a story I came up with, while researching for my thesis. Benjamin is a young dominic monk. He’s an artist and paints the walls of the new convents in New Spain. However, his sight is failing and has to take a pupil to teach him the ropes. His new pupil is a tlacuilo,… Continue reading The Tlacuilo and Me