Mayville Paradise

An upper middle-class girl, an aristocrat and a working class boy become friends in this Victorian Era story. It’s a slice of life tale of friendship and dreams. Historical | Slice-of-life

A Reincarnation Tale

Four different animals died and have been granted with the opportunity to become humans to learn about emotions. A caged bird becomes a sheltered girl, a wolf becomes an outlaw, a horse becomes a prostitute and a dog becomes a servant. All of them have shared a bond ever since their days as animals, and… Continue reading A Reincarnation Tale

The Diary of Clément Pascal

Clément Pascal is a 14 year old boy who travels from France to Mexico, as the companion and helper of his father, who is a doctor researching endemic medicinal plants. He arrives at a very rural town, where he meets 2 siblings around his age. He becomes friends with them, but problems arise when he… Continue reading The Diary of Clément Pascal

The Tlacuilo and Me

This is a story I came up with, while researching for my thesis. Benjamin is a young dominic monk. He’s an artist and paints the walls of the new convents in New Spain. However, his sight is failing and has to take a pupil to teach him the ropes. His new pupil is a tlacuilo,… Continue reading The Tlacuilo and Me