The Dreamer

A man whose dreams are more vivid than his own life. Little by little he begins gaining conscience inside his own dreams, until the point in which he starts losing notion of what’s real and what is not. Are his dreams actually what’s real? Is his reality nothing but a dream? Drama | Psychological

Maru’s World

Maru is a very creative girl who is obsessed with a story she’s writing. Because of this, she isn’t very popular at school, and many kids make fun of her. Still, she doesn’t care and actually looks down on them for being basic and shallow human beings, unlike her, who is talented and smart. One… Continue reading Maru’s World

Crystal Chains

This is an idea I have for a videogame. Faust is a young monk. After an attack from dark forces destroying his village, he finds himself able to fight with the power of his faith. Then, a voice tells him to find the other six, and a crystal polyhedron appears before him. That is the… Continue reading Crystal Chains

The Game

A group of kids get trapped inside the school facilities, but help will take a while to arrive. As a means to entertain themselves, an introverted boy speaks up, and asks them if they’d like to play a game. Since the boy’s father is a psychologist trained in hypnotism, and he learns his technique, the… Continue reading The Game