A.I. Shounen

Choko was a genius student who enjoyed collecting robot parts to build her own Cyberboys and use them as servants and to sell them to other people. One day she finds an abandoned Cyberboy in a junkyard and takes him home to fix him up. However, after cleaning him up with a wet towel, the… Continue reading A.I. Shounen

The Promised Land

It’s the future. Humans have fled our planet to live in space colonies. However, during centuries, scientists experimented with human genetics, modifying it with animal DNA in order to create humanoids who could adapt to the new environmental conditions. Polluted water, radiation, extreme weather, etc. made it impossible for humans to continue living here, however,… Continue reading The Promised Land

EX: Terra

I came up with this story while reading about aliens and conspiracy theories. Earth is actually an experiment that has failed countless times. Numerous alien races have put together their genes into the human DNA and have been observing us to find the clues to what humanity means. But the countless wars and climate degradation… Continue reading EX: Terra

Sienna Skies

Blake is an orphan boy living with his relatives. His town is in the middle of a rocky desert, that is separated from other towns by a huge canyon filled with tall pointy boulders. The water is scarce and very expensive, and every year, there is a plane competition in which the winner town gets… Continue reading Sienna Skies

System Decoder

Based on a dream I once had. In every universe, there are 4th dimensional beings called System Decoders, more commonly known as: The Handymen. These beings are in charge of fixing errors in the system that enables time and space. Such errors cause glitches that we often see as urban legends, like wormholes, interdimensional portals,… Continue reading System Decoder