The Bandits

A girl is fed up with being taken advantage of and decides to become a bandit. That’s when she joins a bandit club and meets with a bunch of weird kids trying to do evil deeds but failing at them. Comedy | Slice-of-life

Angel’s Forest

A boy arrives at his relative’s mansion only to find there are seven strangers living in it. As he has no choice but to live there as well, he starts knowing them and little by little, he finds out all of them are angels in disguise, taking human shape to fulfill an important mission. Fantasy… Continue reading Angel’s Forest

Mayville Paradise

An upper middle-class girl, an aristocrat and a working class boy become friends in this Victorian Era story. It’s a slice of life tale of friendship and dreams. Historical | Slice-of-life

To the TOP

At school everyone has to form teams to go camping and compete on a rally. However there’s always the group of rejects who have no choice but to team up. This team of misfits is lead by Hannah, an overbearing girl who only thinks of success and likes bossing everyone around, followed by Luke, a… Continue reading To the TOP


This was originally a prose short story for school. It’s about 2 boys waiting in line outside the school chairman’s office. Both are troublesome kids in their own way. One is a lonesome, rebellious boy with a difficult character. The second is a cheerful short boy who’s a victim of bullying. Both are outcasts, and… Continue reading Color

Sabbatical Year

A group of kids from different backgrounds and different schools. They just graduated High School but don’t know what to do next. They are not aware of their own talents or what they even enjoy doing. Deciding one’s future is a big step and not everyone is ready to assume that responsibility so soon. However,… Continue reading Sabbatical Year

Color of November

A story based on my father and his friends’ memories. This is a slice-of-life story with supernatural elements, in which Tobias moves to a new town and meets 3 other boys that have their own struggles. Dante, is a loner who is always reading about supernatural and esoteric books. Salvador is very poor but is… Continue reading Color of November