Color of November

A story based on my father and his friends’ memories. This is a slice-of-life story with supernatural elements, in which Tobias moves to a new town and meets 3 other boys that have their own struggles. Dante, is a loner who is always reading about supernatural and esoteric books. Salvador is very poor but is… Continue reading Color of November

The Game

A group of kids get trapped inside the school facilities, but help will take a while to arrive. As a means to entertain themselves, an introverted boy speaks up, and asks them if they’d like to play a game. Since the boy’s father is a psychologist trained in hypnotism, and he learns his technique, the… Continue reading The Game

Daughter of Water and Fire

This story is based on tales from my own grandmother and things I’ve read on books. An elderly shaman woman tells her story to a girl she adopted. She recalls how she became a shaman with the help of her grandmother. Fighting evil spirits, curing illnesses, and going on supernatural adventures where some of the… Continue reading Daughter of Water and Fire