Born in December 9th, 1988
Comic artist and architect
Likes: anime, manga, movies, videogames, books, dogs, travelling, food, friends.
Dislikes: noise, crowds, allergies

Whenever I feel anxious about life, I always escape in my dreams. Sometimes I dream about sci-fi scenarios where I’m involved in natural disasters, alien attacks, epidemics, mortal chemical substances that spread in town and kill everyone, etc. Sometimes I dream about fantasy stories and adventures where I have magical powers and I’m at a magic school, or am part of a rebel gang where I find myself having to steal magical items and running away from the higher-ups. I often find myself running away from someone or something. Later on I realized that my dreams were actually a graphic representation of my feelings. I wanted to run away from reality, so those feeling of anxiousness and desperation somehow turned into a magical experience in my dreams! But… even if I feel scared, worried, or angry in my dreams, when it’s time to wake up, I actually feel refreshed. It’s like: “Wow! That was cool! I wonder what happened at the end!” That kind of feeling; and just by having that lingering image on my head of having experienced something magical or supernatural, it’s enough to make me feel ready for the real world.