A.I. Shounen

Choko was a genius student who enjoyed collecting robot parts to build her own Cyberboys and use them as servants and to sell them to other people. One day she finds an abandoned Cyberboy in a junkyard and takes him home to fix him up. However, after cleaning him up with a wet towel, the boy reacts in an unexpected way.

It turns out it was a Host Club Cyberboy that was made only for sexual purposes, and whose turn-on function was activated by any kind of liquid or moisture. Despite this, Choko decides to keep him and ends up naming him Koji.

After having Koji in her place for a while and having him bond with her other creations, Choko decides to investigate the reason why Koji was abandoned, and discovers that it was not only because Koji had a will of his own, but also feelings, and was dumped in the streets because of his rebellious attitude.

Soon after, Choko’s little brother Akio crashes in, to live in her place while attending a local High School, but he is repulsed when he finds out he’s gonna have to share bed with Koji no less. Despite his terrible attitude, Koji ends up having a crush on the boy, and spicy situations arise between those two.

Sci-fi | Comedy | Romance