EX: Terra

I came up with this story while reading about aliens and conspiracy theories.

Earth is actually an experiment that has failed countless times. Numerous alien races have put together their genes into the human DNA and have been observing us to find the clues to what humanity means. But the countless wars and climate degradation always incurs in fatal results, and life on Earth is reset to start all over again everytime.

The intergalactic council is hopeful to obtain good results this time, and has positioned various teams to observe our behavior.

To keep an eye on us, there’s always been aliens between us, disguised as human beings.

This is the story of a team of young aliens that make sure no threats can harm us, as there are other alien races in disguise that are trying to sabotage the humanity experiment and make us their slaves.

This is a difficult task, as these aliens have become humans themselves, and it’s difficult to know whether we’re being victimized or are doing this to ourselves.

Capitalism, drugs, war, climatic change, natural disasters, unexplained phenomenon… Are they caused by the enemy to control us with fear and violence? or are they part of the experiment to enhace humanity’s solidarity and integrity?

It’s the job of these infilitrate allies to find out the truth and help us keep the balance between control and chaos so that the experiment succeeds, and humanity takes a step forward onto what makes an advanced civilization.

Seinen |Sci-fi |Suspense