Maru’s World

Maru is a very creative girl who is obsessed with a story she’s writing. Because of this, she isn’t very popular at school, and many kids make fun of her. Still, she doesn’t care and actually looks down on them for being basic and shallow human beings, unlike her, who is talented and smart.

One afternoon, after a horrible day in which even her best friend got mad at her, she feels so angry and depressed that cries herself to sleep. However, in the middle of the night a light wakes her up, and walking towards it, covered with her blanket, she’s abducted by no one but the main character in her story! She’s convinced that she’s dreaming, because it’s what she wanted the most, to meet her character and travel to the world she created!

However, her character behaves in a strange and hostile manner towards her, and she realizes that it’s because she’s the evil witch of their world and has been kidnapped to stop the war between their two main continents. It was her fault to begin with, she started the war because she wrote the story! Now she has to mend what she started and bring peace to their world before she wakes up, because… this is just a dream, right?

Shoujo | Fantasy | Psychological