Me, my Son and the Uninvited

This was a fun roleplay I did with my friends in High School.

It’s about an inexpressive young woman, who for some reason, ends up adopting an orphan boy only 10 years younger than her. She works hard to pay his tuition bills, finds the way to get a big pretty house, and things seems to be going well with her adopted son.

Now he’s in his senior year in High School, and she starts noticing her son is behaving in a suspicious manner. After a bit of snooping, she realizes her son is dating his homeroom teacher and she freaks out by this discovery. She wants to drive him away at all costs, but her son seems to be so in love that she decides to give this man a chance and have a word with him. In order to keep them in check she has no choice but to take the man in as a roomie, since they are about the same age and bills are starting to pile up.

Then one day, she has an accident, and his now son in law offers the help of his brother, who is a doctor. Then, after some days of bonding, she and the doctor fall in love, and the doctor ends up staying at her home as well. Now the four of them are living together, and everything seems to be growing steady, until the woman’s younger brother, who’s a clueless dudebro, crashes in. Put these five together and a strange family tree is born.

Slice-of-life | Romance | Comedy