Sienna Skies

Blake is an orphan boy living with his relatives. His town is in the middle of a rocky desert, that is separated from other towns by a huge canyon filled with tall pointy boulders. The water is scarce and very expensive, and every year, there is a plane competition in which the winner town gets free water. Blake and his friends build a plane to compete together, and then the race starts.

Everything is going well and Blake seems to take the lead, until the motor stops working, and his plane starts plummetting down. He activates the gliding wings so he doesn’t crash down, and lands where there seems to be water.

He loses the race, but he finds water for his town, and he realizes that winning a race doesn’t necessarily mean success and that there are more valuable things to gain in the middle of the road, sometimes even until hitting rock bottom.

Shounen | Dystopia | Adventure

Concept Art

Sienna Skies1

Sienna Skies2


  • Blake – The main character. He’s a good boy. Hard working, optimist, honest, brave and pure. Lives with his uncle and cousin in a shed on top of their house. His dad used to be a pilot and wants to be like him. His relatives run a junkyard, collecting old plane and car parts for racers.
  •  Uncle Hermann – A strict and inflexible man.
  • Theodore – A quiet young man. He covers Blake’s back when needed.
  • Pietro – A happy, carefree boy. Helps his father at their mechanical workshop. Helps Blake build his plane.
  • Oliver – A very smart boy. He helps to add more sophisticated devices into Blake’s plane. His family is rich and are in charge of the distribution of water.
  • Manon – A strong, energic girl. She helps with navigation and communication, as her family runs the radio station in their town.