System Decoder

Based on a dream I once had.

In every universe, there are 4th dimensional beings called System Decoders, more commonly known as: The Handymen. These beings are in charge of fixing errors in the system that enables time and space. Such errors cause glitches that we often see as urban legends, like wormholes, interdimensional portals, quantic jumps, time travelling, etc.

In one of these tasks, The Handyman at charge has to untangle a neverending time loop, in which a girl experiences the same thing everyday, without being able to get out of it. The Handyman comes to the rescue. With his sophisticated device, he runs a decoding program to find the event that triggered the system error and fix it.

Handymen usually don’t have a shape, but when it comes to analyzing data, they sometimes have to interact with third dimensional beings and interview them in the shape of a trustworthy person. This is not common, but social Handymen may do this at will.

Once the problem is fixed, the victims won’t remember what happened at all.

Handymen should not get attached with people, because they will never meet again. This is just one of the many occupational hazards of these helpful beings, the System Decoders.

Sci-fi | Adventure