The Game

A group of kids get trapped inside the school facilities, but help will take a while to arrive. As a means to entertain themselves, an introverted boy speaks up, and asks them if they’d like to play a game.

Since the boy’s father is a psychologist trained in hypnotism, and he learns his technique, the game consists in hypnotising each one of them to find out about their past lives. The atmosphere becomes eerie, and they agree, with both skepticism and curiosity.

One of them is his first patient. Everyone listens in silence, until the patient starts answering the boy’s questions in deep relaxation.

The stories of past lives begin. Things a mere student couldn’t simply make up with imagination. Everyone is in awe, awaiting for their turn to find out about their secret, forgotten pasts. However, the time is up and help has arrived to let them free.

The kids can’t forget what they just experienced, and start looking for the boy to have their own sessions, one by one.

However, at the end of each session, the kids start experiencing changes in their usual behavior, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Is it a good thing to play with the unknown?

Supernatural | Psychological