The Promised Land

It’s the future. Humans have fled our planet to live in space colonies. However, during centuries, scientists experimented with human genetics, modifying it with animal DNA in order to create humanoids who could adapt to the new environmental conditions. Polluted water, radiation, extreme weather, etc. made it impossible for humans to continue living here, however, these new creatures could adapt and create new lifestyles in their own habitats.

For quite some time, the remaining humans taught them how to form their communities  and each race was separated from each other to keep peace. However, as humans left the planet, these races began to meet each other, and wars begun. History repeated itself.

After years of racial wars, they agreed to form an agreement to cease fire and spread all over the world to keep some distance and live in peace.

But it was time for humans to return to Earth now that the conditions were once again stabilized. The humanoid races wanted to keep their communities, but humans wouldn’t respect their rights and instead, decided to anihilate them.

Now that their lives were in danger, all humanoid races had to join forces in order to beg humans to let them stay and coexist, or fight back.

Sci-fi | drama


Angels: Human + birds. They live in floating nests over the Pacific Ocean and feed off fruits and seeds. Represent the guide.

Reptilians: Human + reptiles. They live in mangroves all over the Amazon Rainforest and feed off fish, insects and other animals. Represent skills.

Vampires: Human + bats. They live in caves and underground cities in the Scandinavian Peninsula and feed off blood, fruits and insects. Represent kindness.

Fairies: Human + insects. They live in jungles all over Africa, India and America. They feed off plants, syrup and corpses. Represent courage.

Mermaids: Human + fish. They live in the Atlantic Ocean and feed off fish and algae. Represent justice.

Werewolves: Human + wolves. They live in mountains all over the Himalayas and feed off other animals. Represent strenght.

Moles: Human + rodents. They live in tunnels and underground cities in the Soviet Union. They feed off seeds, nuts and fruits. Represent intelligence.